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Rome User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Rome.
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Travel ides to Greece, Italy, France and Spain

Greetings. Need some travel advice/ideas. My first time and probably only to Europe. Going for 3 weeks in April 2013. My thought is to start in Greece for a few days. Take the fast...more

My favourite Tour Company

We just returned from our Rome trip and we wanted to visit Rome and go for a day trip to Tivoli, so to make them easier, we hired a private car with driver through...more

Body functions

Most important travel tip ever: ALWAYS eat when food is presented or available. ALWAYS use a restroom when you pass one. You never know when either opportunity will present itself...more

getting around

get a moped. traffic goes nowhere.   more

When in Rome

I advise making use of public transportation. Driving in the city is a nightmare.   more

When in Rome>>>rent a motorcycle!

When in Rome.....Want to avoid all of that terrible traffic? I advise you rent a motorcycle, you will get to see three times the sights,plus a motorcycle can go between cars to get to...more

Maps, maps, maps

Rome is gorgeous and the people are wonderful. We were using a tour book map and promotional brochures to walk around the city. They were informative but not exactly accurate. Some...more


taking wife,17 son,15 daughter,suggestions.already air.just land,hotels food/wine.from 7/30,thru 8/15.thanks.....   more

Tuscany accomodation

This March we,myself my husband and another couple went to visit Rome and Tuscany for the first time. A friend of mine had recommended renting a Villa or an apartment as the price would...more

with kids

We travel with kids all over the world. In Rome we rented an apartment for 2 weeks and had an outstanding time doing all the major and not so major sites. They arranged to meet us at...more

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