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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Rome.
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A little sugar goes a long way. But, watch your purse/wallet. You're not the first unsuspecting tourist the people there have seen. When purchasing things, I acted "the...more

a place that will hold luggage during the day

I will be arriving in Rome around 7 am and plan to explore the city before going on to Florence later in the day. Does anyone know where I might "park" my luggage during my...more


Conceal your wallet. Gypsy pickpockets are everywhere.   more

A tip for the ladies

The stories you've heard about Italian men are all true. Two vital phrases you will need to know (particularly if you are blonde) are:"No me dare fastidio. Io tengo...more


Buy a neck chain holder to carry your money & passport. Theft is horrible in Rome. Be careful with your camera too.   more

Rome w/o a cab or transit

I have been to Rome at least 25 times. We have tried it all, but I have found that by staying around the Pantheon, we were in position to walk to all of the sights. For...more


If you have been to Rome before, I suggest for your second trip that you become a part of the culture and lose yourself in the alleys of Rome. We've discovered famous artists,...more

Pack Light

put 1/2 of the clothes you think you'll need back. Cars are small so large suitcases don't fit in the trunk so there are now weight limits when traveling. I have found that...more

Rome is crowded

I visited Rome and thought is was crowded, expensive, and hot. Due to the exchange rate is it very expensive for U.S. tourists to visit. The streets are congested with cars and...more

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