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Best visa for Russia Travel

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Posted on: June 23, 2012 at 9:38PM

Best visa for Russia Travel Hi Hopefully I can get some suggestions about traveling across Russia. I would like to do is this -- enter Russia from Mongolia, about August 15, 2012, and go to Irkutsk Russia. Then Travel West on the trans-Siberian Railroad most of the time an end up in St. Petersburg about October 1, 2012, and return back to America. I would also like to stop off at two different adjoining countries to Russia, Kazakhstan and Kiev,, for five days each on my total journey from Mongolia to St. Petersburg. So, I would be in Russia roughly 45 days, with bout 10 days in the two adjoining countries. I most likely would travel as a tourist, however if possible, without too much hassle I would like to visit, with a business visit, two or three cultural/national things of interest. Comparables to this might be -- visiting aborigine’s people in Australia or the maules people in New Zealand and learning about their culture, bringing the highlights of the culture here to America for possible commercial usage. This is my ideal travel plan, but I know to accomplish all this may be a problem. Questions-can I travel as I like, as a single person, when in Russia or due I have to go around Russia as sort of a single person group tour, with a pre-determined plan? Or let me say, due I have to decide exactly before I enter Russia- , know when I want to stop-figure out the time and costs before I enter Russia an also have all travel and lodging costs and reservations completed before I go into Russia -- or just sort of be myself and set my own pace had any given moment and only be tied down to the beginning date I can go into Russia which would be say August 15, 2012 and the ending date that I must leave Russia by which would be say August 1 of 2012? It appears that the business visa and the invitation letter might cost up to $950, which would allow for multiple entries and 3/6 months travel in Russia, and the a less inexpensive tourist visa would only cost $350, but only allowed two entries into Russia and 30 days of travel in Russia. So, could some of you pros who know about traveling in Russia give me two different scenarios about traveling there. I would appreciate any information report a problem

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