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Lodge at Torrey Pines, La Jolla 

prev beautiful but needs help

Posted on: September 27, 2009 at 12:04PM

by ellenha
First the positives - obviously the setting is exquisite - the golf course, water etc. And the decor/design of the common areas is gorgeous - Frank Lloyd Wright (wood craftsman) meets Tiffany (stained glass to die for) meets Klimt. And the food and spa were both fantastic - worth going to both. And now for the negatives - first and foremost the service. We needed to get a taxi back from a wedding around 11pm and called the hotel. They said they couldn't help us directly, but gave us the # of a taxi company - excuse me?! Meanwhile the taxi company had no cars available, said they'd call when they did and never called. Fortunately we found a ride from someone else. How does a hotel of this calibre not try at least a little bit to help a guest find a taxi? It was bizarre. Another example. Our credit card often gets us upgrades at check-in. I asked if we could have one and the woman said "you have already been upgraded". Actually no we hadn't - the room category was as we booked. But no point in fighting - if none were available, so be it. Later that day we called down and asked if they had any free rooms, as we were considered getting a second one because my BF was snoring like a freak (we explained the situation, why we were looking). Yes they said, they did have rooms available, but far from our current spot and for $275. Hmmm - not ideal. Then we asked well what about suites with two separate rooms? "Ah yes we do have a two room suite and I see that you will get this upgrade free with your Amex package". Uh?... I mean come on. Let's see which would make more sense for us, a room across the hotel for an extra $275+tax or a room that is exactly what we need for free (that should have been given to us at check-in)?!? Duh. Yes I think we'll take the suite for free. No one seemed to think or care about what would be good or helpful to us in both this situation and with the car. Oh and the rooms need a rehab - really ugly to be honest - ugly furniture away from the Tiffany lamps. And ugly bathrooms - I think that wallpaper has been in there for over a decade- I remember it from a long time ago. .