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unique iphone cases

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Posted on: October 18, 2012 at 10:35PM

<p>From the past to the present these years, synonymous with mobile internet is Apple, Apple iPhone, Apple Appstore, Apple iPad. Whether it is product design, software or hardware that Apple has done very well in all these areas. Want to challenge these areas, it is predictable. Steve Jobs launched iPad in 2010, which showed that the PC industry entered "post-PC era". People using mobile Internet concept was changed again. Intel, Microsoft and Google accepted a challenge in haste, launched tablet PC with only fall into the downwind, iPad has been laying the Tablet market dominance. <p>How to compete Apple in such a case and have a chance of winning. Therefore methods will not work, on the hardware business, just last quarter, Apple by selling iPad and iPhone products have obtained revenues of $ 25 billion. Only want to fight on hardware is clearly irrational. So how to choose development strategy for them? <p>Amazon for the reading market, launched the Kindle Fire tablet to compete in this market area. Launch of Kindle Fire did get good results. Apple in the Smartphone and tablet computer markets have a monopoly on most of the profits in the market. Its product quality and function maintains huge lead to other industry competitors, around their own devices to create a "platform" System. This makes it hard to get on with other mobile Internet Enterprise contend, perhaps some companies in one part really did quite well, but still have a big gap on the comprehensive strength of insurmountable. <p><img src="" alt="" title="kindle-fire-in-the-uk-in-2012" width="300" height="184" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-162295" /> <p>But Apple in the Tablet market suddenly suffered attacks from two distinct business models of companies, the Amazon and Google. Strategies in mobile Internet, Google search and advertising is very clear. Open Android system has achieved coverage of Google's big success. For Amazon, an online retailer launched tablet computer, and unique in performance and price allure, is considered to be a horse with great potential in the flat-panel market dark horse. Speaking of tablet computers may think that competition between Samsung, Microsoft and Apple are more reliable and more rationality. But Samsung and Microsoft is bound to only as perhaps the most outstanding followers. Amazon and Apple do not essentially the same. On the surface was the same to sell mobile device hardware, tablets. But note that in the hardware business not to do such a high profit gains, but also has a huge sales. In fact, the positioning of the Amazon itself is also a retailer. He also provided the product that is a content service. From the flat is designed for this purpose. Hardware is not a goal in itself. Amazon Tablet priced very low, now also a lock advertising and ad-free Tablet for users to choose two different prices. Now I have to say that Apple iPhone 5is coming, which will give a big press on Amazon, what is more, Apple owns many iPhone fans, they are anxiously awaiting the coming of Apple iPhone5, even some people have bought many iphone accessories, such as <a href="">iphone dustproof plugs, iphone skins, iphone cases, best iphone chargers and so on. <p>Content services is the Amazon trumps <p>Amazon's idea is very clear: "we don't want to just rely on selling equipment to make money, we would like to do when the user uses our products that also make money. "Amazon sold Kindle ebook and Kindle Fire tablet computers, its ultimate goal is to be able to recommend to consumers such as Prime, more services such as eBooks, online video content. Although Apple itself is also doing the same thing, hardware sales revenue is the primary channel of Apple's revenue. When Amazon is a business that provides content and services, this cannot be compared with Apple, this becomes the Amazon advantage. <p><img src="" alt="" title="amazon_m" width="280" height="210" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-162296" /> <p>As Bezos said, Fire is not a toy, consumers will choose Amazon's Tablet products, it is because the mass content behinds it. Cloud-based storage and backup, as well as the more than 180,000 in the Amazon library e-book, is not found anywhere. Amazon released the Kindle e-book growth trend, its e-book sales exceeded physical book sales in 2011, the sales growth is very strong. <p>Amazon has now launched a variety of tablet at a specific price, and around their own reading and other entertainment content to do a lot of homework, provide for the needs of different users have different versions of the Kindle family of products, thereby creating an entirely new content ecosystem. <p>You may interested on: <a href="">unique iphone cases </a> report a problem

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