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fashion pregnancy dress

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Posted on: October 29, 2012 at 3:29AM

Now the anti-radiation clothes material mainly has two species in market, metal fiber and silver fiber, then they are divided into single layer, double layers, three layers, General up said that it almost has three species clothes, one is blended of anti-radiation clothing (General is divided into single layer and double layers), second one is species metal anti-radiation clothing (General points single layer, double layers, three layers), the third one is Nano Silver anti-radiation clothing (General is divided into single layer, double layers, and three layers). Principle: the principle of all metal radiation fabric is directly to shield. When electromagnetic radiation is this fabric of clothing to shield and then refracted to go elsewhere. Silver fabric radiation protection principles of clothes are different, this clothing radiation absorption and transformation of principles-principle is the use of silver. It can come from all directions to absorb electromagnetic radiation, and then converted into heat and then release into the air, thus avoiding secondary pollution of electromagnetic radiation, which is by far the best radiation protection material. [img][/img] Content: anti-radiation degree will mainly be determined by wire or silver, content is more high indicates that [url=]anti radiation clothe [/url] effect is more good, of course, if content is too high of words as fabric on no too good of feel, also effect wearing comfortable sexual, so General of anti-radiation fabric in wire or silver of content for 10%-40%, select wire or silver content for 30% of fabric, anti-radiation degree is supreme. Silver fiber material of anti-radiation clothing effect is good, but price also is high, if mother often face computer in radiation larger of occasions, recommended silver fiber material of anti-radiation clothing, if just in home wearing, does not face large radiation source, buy pieces metal fiber material of anti-radiation clothing price on comparison is high, mother can according to itself situation select suitable of purchased. If you want to learn more information about anti radiation maternity clothes, you can go to the website [url=]fashion pregnancy dress [/url]. report a problem

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