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Posted on: October 29, 2012 at 3:31AM

Apple iPhone5 has recently official published, this week I will describe several iPhone5 accessories for you, these phone accessories have much features, users who have an iPhone 5 can refer to, currently because for most of iPhone5 accessories also concentrated in iPhone cases, because iPhone5 has used new of 8 needle interface, so launched of those Dock interface class accessories cannot compatible with the new iPhone, members need to pay an attention to these changes. Katch creative design case First we introduce a case that is designed for iPhone5, this case looks no difference from other cases through the front, you will turn the case over the past, so you can see the back of the protective case of mystery. This case called Katch, which the back has an adjustable, mobile phone can not only be supported on the desktop, can also set the phone hangs up. It is one of [url=] best cases for iphone 5 [/url], if you have an interested on it, you can go to this website best case mall. The main of Katch protective cases uses plastic material, so that you can play a protective role for iPhone5 fuselage, avoiding paint off phone contact with sharp objects. Bracket on the back of the phone in order to ensure robust, it is made of aluminum material, so that even if cell phone hanging up without fear of stent fracture. Fashion personality TAKTIK case Some users maybe have some impression on this case, because we introduce a iPhone4/4S version, iPhone5 version has recently been launched, these measures will not only solve iPhone5 paint problems, nor does it affect the texture of mobile phone metal. [img][/img] TAKTIK's border is made from anodized aluminum alloy, so it is durable, it can not easily off the paint. This case feels very good, the front and back of panels are made of high quality plastic block, on the Panel of the phone play a protective role. When mobile phones installed in the protective case, which needed through a screwdriver on the protective shell is installed on the phone. Do you like these [url=] unique iphone cases [/url] ? Border protection shell hole for headphones, and volume keys are protected, especially the headphone hole cover design, it is very practical, artistic performance is also very good. There is currently no formal production this protective shell, TAKTIK designers say this case future retail price of around $ 75, it is still quite a lot of money. Next, we will introduce some other iphone accessories, for example [url=]iphone power packs [/url], so keep your eyes peeled report a problem

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