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Best iPhone 5 Cases from Best Case Mall

By Guest
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Posted on: January 14, 2013 at 1:26AM

For iPhone users, if you want to reflect your out of the ordinary, the best choice is the protective shell, the various manufacturers have also launched a massive variety of styles protective shell, a recent Etsy designer Jeff Chris designed a simulation of real ear protection shell, price for $15. When we view in the distance of time, and won't feel you are on the phone, protection the rear surface of the shell has a "real " sideburns, ear side and so on, so that, in a careful look at the case will be " invisible ", and will launch several matches your skin 's protective shell. The 3D print can be printed more complex shapes, 3D printing and design company Polychemy launched iPhone4, iPhone4S and Blackberry dedicated case could use this technology, fingerprint, create complex swirl and labyrinth type design, white, black, red or purple are available, but their names in case design, to make it more personalized. " Regular Show " is a story about a foreign animated cartoon, Mordecai ( a six foot tall blue bird ) and Rigby (an active raccoon ), in a park as " garden maintenance .". As dull as ditch water, Mordecai and Rigby thought of many ways to relieve the practical joke. The all above are <a href="">unique iphone cases</a>, if you have an interested on them, you can buy them on best case mall. Energizer battery shell has about 1500mAh capacity lithium battery, can make iPhone 4 increased to 5 hours of talk time, 27 hours of music playback time and 200 hours of standby time. Energizer iPhone 4 battery shell AP1201 also uses the MicroUSB interface, so that the apple traditional data line interface get transform, using a random matching data lines, more easy to use. Energizer iPhone 4 battery case, is actually a slightly thicker mobile phone protective sleeve, which is provided with a battery and a circuit, from the front, and apple peel 520 more similar ( Apple 8 color shell .). The backplane is basically monocoque design, the top is soft, it is easy to disassembly. The iPhone 4 is arranged in size fit, also do not need to violence, but at the bottom of a certain residual space. Set together in the thickness ratio of iPhone 4 to increase about 2/3. By the way, this company also launched <a href=""> best iphone 5 cases</a> to fans. Energizer iPhone 4 battery shell peripheral is frosted soft, both to increase the gripping hand, also played a very good buffer and protective effect of. The bottom of the other side has a button, long by 5 seconds can enter the fast charge mode, then the back of the lamp at last a bright red. Indicator light also played the role of display power percentage, can always concern about the state of the battery. You maybe interested on: <a href="">metal iphone 4 cases</a> report a problem

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