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Butterfly People, San Juan

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Simply breathtaking!

Posted on: September 9, 2009 at 8:56PM

By Guest

You walk through the door of The Butterfly People and are immediately stunned by the beauty. The second thing that comes to mind is 'where the heck did they get all these butterflies?' Inquiring of the delightful owners, one learns of butterfly farms and short butterfly lifespans and workers who tend to butterflies who pass of natural causes and fall to the forest floor. What is done from that time is incredible. The plexiglass cases of various sizes hold sweeping displays of muticolored butterflies - pleasing combinations, innovative placements - the beauty just can't be put in words. Do not miss this enchanting shop when you are in Old San Juan. The shop is near the cruise piers, look on their website for the correct address and find 30 minutes in your day to view these pieces of art.

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