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Santa Barbara User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Santa Barbara.
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user review | Eating: Trattoria Mollie, Montecito

very bad experience

Of all the restaurants that we have been to, this is the worst on our list. We had a reservation and when we showed up, the staff very conveniently ignored us. Then we were seated by...more

user review | Hotel: Simpson House Inn, Santa Barbara

Simply Marvelous Simpson House

We were introduced to the Simpson House from two dear friends who go here for special occasions. They were right about this place. It's simply marvelous. Whether you're...more

user review | Hotel: Simpson House Inn, Santa Barbara


Just returned from a wonderful week at the Simpson House. Can't say enough about the caring staff (magically there when you needed them and not when you didn't need them),...more

user review | Hotel: Simpson House Inn, Santa Barbara

How lucky we were

My niece and I were lucky to find a room free on relatively short notice for this high quality level of accommodation. It was well-worth pushing through on a long trip to arrive after...more

user review | Hotel: Simpson House Inn, Santa Barbara

Worth every penny!

My husband and I spent our anniversary here, and we loved it completely. The best customer service I've ever received in the United States - it was like they could read my mind,...more

Bacara Resort

Went here for a sisters weekend to celebrate a 50th birthday. So glad we splurged - it was such a nice treat. The resort is gorgeous and we had a room with a cute little balcony. The...more

user review | Hotel: Simpson House Inn, Santa Barbara

What a nightmare

We rented five rooms for 50th anniversary on January 23, 2010. Cost for five rooms was $2417.00 The heater did not work in our room so they brought in a portable heater. It was...more

user review | Eating: Trattoria Mollie, Montecito


visited here after seeing her on Oprah. the meatballs are great! the owner however was not very nice. she was very nice to the regulars, but i take it since we weren't familiar...more

user review | Eating: Hungry Cat, Santa Barbara

Favorite Place

Outstanding food, excellent service. Try the Pug - it is amazing   more

user review | Nightlife: EOS Lounge, Santa Barbara

Hottest Bar and Lounge In Town

This place is great! Amazing atmosphere and great drinks. This is the classy place in town if you are sick of the same old college bars this town is known for. I had my birthday there...more

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