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Condor Express (Whale Watching), Santa Barbara

Stingy - Whales guaranteed? Sure, if you want to repeatedly waste 3 hours.

Posted on: January 12, 2009 at 8:54PM

by fluvant
Hey there travelers. I'd just like to get the word out that myself and my girlfriend had an absolutely terrible experience on their trip. ----------- The employees were rude, the over priced food was horrible, the restrooms were dirty, and on top of that when we asked for a refund since we didn't see a single whale on our 3 hour excursion, we were immediately denied and escorted off the ship. ----------- I spoke to 3 "captains" and then called the owner, not only were they all extremely rude and unforgiving, but their comments basically revolved around "Be happy we're giving you a waiver to come again - besides, you saw dolphins. We don't even need to issue you a waiver. Thanks for reading, mainly I suppose I'm just frustrated that no where on their dock was posted that they do not offer refunds. The employees there are probably on commission and are rude because any refund would affect their money. Perhaps that's something you might want to consider high-lighting on the information part of this page. This might be something that belongs in bold on this site: "No refunds - just waivers, out of town travelers beware." Heh, that may be a bit extreme but I'm sure you understand. Hope this helps folks, just be-careful if you're coming from out of town. Santa Barbara is a one day clear and the waiver they give you to spend another 3 hours on their boat to *maybe* see a whale isn't worth much when you spend $94 per person. Owner is impossible to talk to as well. I attempted to call him and he hung up on me after I asked for a refund. "Captain Fred" is the owner. Regards, Kevin Contact me for further :) Pros: If you're in the area and have the patients to possibly go again, you will probably enjoy it. Cons: Long wait times to get to the whale watching sights: you'll spend a lot of time sitting inside.