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Inn at the Market, Seattle

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Nice views, but cannot recommend due to theft on property

Posted on: November 11, 2009 at 4:33PM

By Guest

I recently had opportunity to stay at Inn at the Market. I can vouch for an excellent location--with Pike Place Market at your door and views of the bay. However, a good hotel must stand for something other than its location--and this one, in my personal experience, does not. My memory of what was otherwise a pleasant stay at the hotel was extremely tarnished when upon returning home I realized that a valuable piece of jewelry had been stolen from my luggage, presumably by a member of the hotel staff. I realized that I would not recover the jewelry, but I nevertheless immediately contacted the manager of the hotel, Mr. David Watkins, hoping for a gesture of good will on his part, perhaps credit back to my account for one night of my stay, or even the full amount. Instead of ANY gesture of good will, or attention to PR matters large or small, Mr. Watkins shared that he would be investigating the matter with his staff. Wonderful, I thought--how naive! Did he actually believe that one of the staff would confess to theft? He concluded his communication with me by letting me know that "he was not able to prove" the my item was taken at the hotel (not the point, really) and that I could contact the police. That was it--no offer of any compensation, no offer of credit. Nothing to show that Mr. Watkins took his position as GM and personal representative of this establishment seriously. His disregard for this matter stands out as an example of astoundingly poor management style in the hotel and hospitality industry. The caliber and honesty of the housekeeping and maintenance staff leaves something to be desired as well, to say the very least. I have stayed in numerous hotels of 4 and 5 star quality the world over, and my experience with management at the Inn at the Market was the first I have EVER experienced of this kind. Hotels, even the boutique versions, usually understand the importance of good will, PR, and the value of a customer's experience--or lack thereof. Having been met with not much but casual indifference in Mr. Watkins, as well as theft, I cannot recommend this hotel to anyone that values integrity in a hotel staff and high quality customer service. I feel sure a better response could have been received from a Hampton Inn. My next stay in Seattle will be at the Four Seasons--also offering the same excellent location, beautiful views, a step away from the Market as well as the beautiful Seattle Art Museum, and with a fantastic wine bar on street level and just adjacent. Other recommendations for the area: Alexis Hotel and Hotel Monaco-both boutique hotels, renowned for their service.

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