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One&Only Cape Town, Cape Town

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The name Says it All.

Posted on: May 8, 2013 at 6:56PM

By Guest

Situated near the V&A Waterfront is Sol Kernzner’s, One & Only Cape Town. I knew that the One and Only properties have a reputation for being ultra luxurious, and I was not disappointed. From the moment I walked in the front doors I was wowed. Beyond the massive lobby sits a centrally located sitting area and bar - and behind the bar was a wall of glass framing Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain spectacularly. To the right I spied Nobu, one of the world’s most recognized Japanese restaurants. To the left Reuben’s Restaurant (formerly Gordon Ramsey’s place). As I checked in at the front desk I was informed that I had been upgraded to an Island Suite. Walking (you may travel by golf cart if you wish) out of the back of the hotel you come upon a series of canals that break the main hotel from the Island Suites. I crossed the bridge to where my room was located and the first thing I noticed was one of the largest, most elegant swimming pools I had ever seen. The setting was beyond serene, facing the pool you could see the top of Table Mountain blanketed with clouds (referred to by many as the Table Cloth). I found my room at the far side of the Island and inserted the key. Upon opening the door and gasped with excitement - the room was literally breathtaking. To my left I noticed an espresso machine. To my right, a huge, comfortable looking bed. There was a couch and on the coffee table there was a selection of fresh fruits, candies, and dried meats. Beyond the bed were 2 large sliding glass doors, which led out to a canalside patio. Straight in front of me was an elegant desk, set up for Internet, phone and fax access. The wonderfully spacious bathroom had a stand alone shower to the left, a free standing bath tub in the center and a toilet conveniently placed behind a door to the right. After a full recon there was a knock on my door. It was the housekeeper who asked me if there was anything I needed. She refreshed my fruit and snacks, and left a few more bottles of water. She left and I thought to myself “Strange, I told her I didn’t need anything, but she gave me things I didn’t even know I needed! That is great service.” I threw on some swimming trunks and went for swim - the water was the perfect temperature. The sun was setting and the clouds had lifted from the top of Table Mountain. The setting was from a travel brochure. Back in my room I filled the tub, turned on some music and soaked for an hour. Feeling relaxed, yet refreshed, I walked over and laid down on my bed, and turned the television on. I looked over to the nightstand and noticed a piece of paper that I hadn’t seen before. It was titled, “Scent Menu”. I thought to myself, “How incredible - I can literally choose how I want my room to smell…Amazing.” I looked back at the television and began and stumbled across a setting that allowed me to pick the type of programs that I like and it built a television channel for me. I remember saying out loud to myself “It’s the Pandora of television” (for those of you that don’t know Pandora is a internet site that allows you to create your own radio station – sort of). As cool as all the bells and whistles in my room were, I was not in Cape Town to spend my nights watching television and perusing the scent menu, so I threw on some nice clothes and walked to the front desk. I asked where I could go for dinner if I didn’t want to eat at the hotel. She wrote down a list of her 5 favorite restaurants within walking distance. I thanked her and walked out of the hotel toward the waterfront - Cape Town is a truly a beautiful place. I stopped near the water and people watched . Cape Town has some of the most beautiful, trendiest, people I’ve ever seen. And everyone seems to be in shape. I passed by a few of the restaurants that were on the list and finally decided upon one called Belthazar. The place was packed with young, fashionable people and I had a hunch that it would be good. I sat on the patio, and although very windy, the food was exceptional and the service was stellar. I left the restaurant pleased! I made my way through the waterfront and back to the One & Only. My room had been turned down and everything refreshed. I immediately went to bed and had some of the deepest sleep that I’ve ever had. I woke up early, I called the front desk, and they sent someone to grab my bags. While checking out, the woman at the front desk (who knew that I was playing golf this day) handed me a takeaway breakfast. Nice touch! Overall the One & Only blew me away. It was the nicest room I had during my entire stay in Cape Town. The amenities were unrivaled, the location is superb, the staff went above and beyond to make me feel important, and I truly did not want to leave. I would recommend this property to anyone traveling to Cape Town.

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