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South Africa User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about South Africa.
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So you have probably heard about safety issues in South Africa. Truth is that crime level is pretty high and it is quite dangerous country. However, if you think carefully where you are...more

Lion Park outside Jo'berg

Try a 2 week volunteer program at the Lion Park and you get to play with lion cubs !!! A once in a lifetime experience money cannot buy.   more

Fabulous Wine Region

The wine region near Cape Town is a lush paradise for wine lovers and non wine lovers alike. The vegetation, breathtaking landscape and the Dutch-style constructions not to mention the...more

Looking for urgent hotel rooms in Cape Town at Cheap rates

I was much tensed as I couldn’t find any hotel rooms in Cape Town. All the hotel rooms are booked in advance for the event of FIFA World Cup 2010. I was very excited for the match...more

Penguins on the beach!

You must take the train to Simon's Town nearby Cape Town and see the Penguins. They live on the beach and you can get really close to them in their natural habitat. Amazing!   more

Mount Nelson Hotel

Is it good ? and In Jo'berg is the westcliff good ? Any dining would not be bad either.   more

Perfect vacation in Cape Town

To me, Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world. I go there regularly and just love the vibe of this city that is like a mix of Africa, Europe, Asia and California. The quality...more

Capetown Dining is Superb!

As a vegan, I found Capetown, South Africa to be a dining paradise! I ate at South African, African, Ethiopian, Turkish, and Cape Malay restaurants. What a diverse, eclectic restaurant...more

Arathusa Lodge - Guest safety at stake

At Arathusa Lodge, guests are exposed to unacceptable risks should there be medical emergency, maintenance issue or animal breach. Chalets are sited in game reserve. Yet owner failed...more

new rest

A visit to Cape Town cannot be considered complete without a guided tour of the New Rest area (especially if you have kids). The kids can visit a school and and see how other children...more

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