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Spain User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Spain.
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We loved Barcelona, but found that staying a hotel on Las Ramblas was not the thing to do. Being as the people there don't start their night until 10 p.m or so, you won't get...more

Read " The Shadow of the Wind"

This is a wonderful novel that takes place entirely in Barcelona. It brings the city alive before you get there and offers a map to walk the places in the city that are featured in the...more

rent an apartment instead of a hotel

Use the many barcelona apartment sites to rent an apartment instead of paying double for half the space. Added bonus of laundry facilites and a kitchen   more

user review | Hotel: The Westin Valencia, Valencia

Luxury Link Package was a great value

We purchased a 5 night package through Luxury Link. Great deal. Hotel is in a convenient location. Staff is very friendly. Restaurant is just okay. Heavenly beds are the best.   more

Unique Travel Tip--Spain

Do not lay your purse or small valuables on the car seat near the window. Motorcyclists have been known to quickly break the window, snatch the item from the car, and roar away. They...more

my tip for a trip

Keep a copy of all passport and other important documents separate from originals in case of loss   more

Unique Travel Tip - All Destinations

Always pack a Scented Dryer Sheet, it will serve multiple purposes.* hold moisture, especially when traveling during the Summer months, destinations with outdoor activities, swimming,...more

Salvador Dali Museum

Hopping on the train from Barcelona, about one hour ride you get to Northern coastal town so beautiful and full of charms like Dali has communicated us with his arts. Dali Museum is...more

Carnival in Sitges

if you are planning a trip to barcelona i suggest you do it in february when its the weekend of the carnival in Sitges. its a short train ride from Barcelona and it is amazing! If you...more

Dining in Barcelona

You can make reservations up to 10:30 P.M. and tapas are small plates of food that are usually served with a fruity white wine. They say to bring your fork (just wrap one up in a paper...more

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