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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Spain.
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shopping in a trip

We all know that to keep warm in the winter is essential for our well-being, then it may be tempting to go on a winter evening, without coat or <a...more

really good trip

They say the winter is one of the most difficult seasons to stay in fashion. But we can still do it, especially with the right choice of a winter coat. This is your winter must have...more

Granada, Spain city of Pomegranates

Did you know that in Spanish Granada means pomegranate? When walking around the city you will see pomegranates all over the place. The small pylons along a lot of streets are topped...more

user review | Shop: La Boqueria, Barcelona

a great Boqueria

the place is very impressive, full of fresh product, i could find anything with a lot of crowd, the best is to eat there, in one of those bars to eat sea food, waiting was long but...more

Great place to visit but not to live!!

San Antonio,Texas is a great place to visit and the hill country too...The ALAMO,Sea World, Fiesta TEXAS And the FUN list goes on!! The best TEXAS_MEX food in the world too!! But the...more

Hot To Trot!

Ladies, if you suffer from hot flashes, the ultimate souvenir to buy in Madrid are fancy Spanish fans. They have beautiful designs, are very inexpensive and you can find them all over. ...more


If you dislike bull fights or have not interest in this so-called "face-off between man and bull," try the small shops and displays of culture along the main drive near the...more

Las Rebajas (Big Sales!)

All Spanish stores have major clearance sales twice a year, after Christmas and later on in July. If you are serious about shopping, you are foolish to buy any other time.   more

Advice on visiting Barcelona on May 1, Labor Day

From what I understand the city is pretty much shut down on May 1, Spain's Labor Day. Stores closed, not much public transportation available, museums closed. Is this true? ...more

Want to come in Valencia?

Would you like to visit Valencia Spain guided and transported by a young native guide? Live and see how the day to day in this wonderful city is, at the same time you see its monuments...more

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