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Le Papagayo, St. Tropez

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Posted on: October 17, 2009 at 5:40PM

By Guest

I had heard that most clubs in St.Tropez charge a ridiculous price for beers and drinks at their clubs, but when I got here and ordered a beer I got a bit of a shock! -- 1 beer = 24 Euro's. WOW.... There was no cover charge, which was nice. (guess they don't need it if they're charging 24 euro a beer) The club itself is actually really small, it has a "VIP" area which circles the tiny dancefloor (has a stripper pole in the middle, but the dance floor gets so packed I can't see how anyone could use it) There is only one stall for the ladies washroom, and the "guys washroom" is right outside the door to the ladies stall, and it's not so much a washroom as it is a trough that the guys stand there and piss in. So be prepared to dodge pee'ing dudes on your way out of in of the washroom. POSITIVES The music was good! housey David Guetta type stuff, the crowd was decent and willing to dance. Tip -- if you're going to dance get there early cause the club doesn't start to get busy till about 1am, so you get the whole dancefloor to yourself! Tip #2 -- bring lots of money. lol. Lindsay.

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