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Baur au Lac, Zurich

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Baur au Lac = Below the Bar & Lacking

Posted on: June 22, 2011 at 7:15PM

By Guest

The Baur au Lac was very disappointing. I can only sum up the unpleasant service in a very trivial exchange that ultimately soured my entire stay. I made the mistake of assuming breakfast was included at the Baur au Lac. I suppose at $1,000 per night, one should not make that assumption, but in Europe you can. The Baur au Lac was the final two nights of a 10 day stay in Switzerland and Italy. Every other hotel stay included breakfast in the room rate. Regardless, after my yogurt, I was presented with a bill, $102 for two. I asked at the front desk, just to clarify, and indeed, breakfast was not included. I expressed some surprise, especially having just come from the Villa d’Este where no such charge occurred. The point is not the $100; I can pretend I had a bottle of wine with my fruit. The issue is the front desk’s response, which was, “This is a business hotel”. Her tone was delightfully patronizing, and her point, very clear. As a leisure traveler, my opinions are irrelevant. I am not the target client and therefore am not familiar with the ways of the Baur au Lac. It was offensive. I wondered if I had missed something in the Gold List reviews. Is there a designation for leisure vs. business hotel? Nope. Is there a charm rating - as a business hotel is refined but zero charm? None. Just so disappointing. I was expecting the Hotel de Paris and all I got was snide Reception demeanor. NOT worthy of a 93.9.

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