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Billy Kwong, Sydney

A huge disappointment.

Posted on: August 25, 2009 at 7:11PM

by cjchin
I was extremely excited to dine at Billy Kwong, as my family are all huge fans of Kylie Kwong and her cookbooks. However, I could not have been more disappointed. I went in a party of 2 on a Sunday at 8:00 pm expecting an astronomically long wait since the restaurant is so tiny (maybe 15-20 tables max), but we were seated immediately-- there were only maybe 5 or 6 other tables at the restaurant, which I found very surprising. We were given menus and when the waitress came around to take our order, practically everything that we wanted (basically all of the dishes she's famous for) wasn't available because they had run out. This is incredibly unprofessional for two reasons-- one, a restaurant should never run out of what they are KNOWN for, and two, we should've been told this when the menus were given to us, not when we were trying to order. We ended up ordering a few other dishes, none of which were anything special. I'm Cantonese myself and my parents own a very successful, upscale Chinese restaurant in New York City, and I found her food to be quite boring. It was basically an overpriced version of what you could find in Chinatown (NYC), where it would've been a quarter of the price, warmer, faster, and tastier. Not that it tasted bad at all-- it was fine, but I wouldn't go back nor would I recommend it. The only part about the restaurant I really liked was that she uses a lot of local, organic ingredients and serves biodynamic wine, as well as makes a lot of donations to worthy causes.