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Inn at Lost Creek, Telluride

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Top 100? I don't think so.

Posted on: August 14, 2010 at 5:39PM

By Guest

My room turned out to be a nicely appointed suite, complete with a kitchen, living room, an extra bathroom and a tiny bedroom. So tiny that there was barely enough room to open the door without it hitting the bed. The pillows were surprisingly low quality, the cheap polyester fiber variety like you get in a two star or worse motel. That was a bit of a shocker when you consider how much they charge for a room here. I was too tired to call the front desk and ask for something better, so I had a lousy night's sleep with my Motel 6 pillows. At least I could look forward to a nice bath in the Jacuuzzi in the morning. Wrong. When I went to take my bath I noticed that the tub had no drain plug. It had been removed complete with the disgusting metal linkage that goes about a foot down into the drain, and placed on the side of the tub (see photo). When I called the front desk to let them know, they said they would send someone up. After waiting about forty minutes I called again and the person who answered this time said he would come up right away. He did and seemed genuinely shocked. He took the drain assembly and showed me the rooftop outdoor hot tub, which had cocktail straws floating in it. No thanks, I thought. When he turned to leave I asked him if he was going to fix the tub, he responded, sounding exactly like Mr. Deeds' butler, "Oh no sir, I cannot fix your tub." I told him I would like to take a bath and he said he would look for something to plug the drain with. After waiting another hour or so I called the front desk for the third time. Deeds' butler answered and said he hadn't been able to find a plug, but he would keep looking. I told him not to bother as I would be checking out soon. They do offer free wifi, but the signal was so low in my room that my laptop kept losing the signal and connecting to "Mountain Village Hotspot" which is $5.95 per hour. The suite had two flat screen TVs but no HD content, and not even standard definition HBO. The ice maker in the refrigerator was broken, and as this is such a luxurious hotel, there were no ice machines in the hallway. When I tried to rinse some spilled coffee grounds down the kitchen sink, I found that the sprayer was broken. Bottom line, like a lot of places in Telluride, this place is ridiculously overpriced and offers laughably poor service. The idea is that you should be happy to be in such a magical place as Telluride, and that we "locals" (in Telluride a "local" is someone who moved here more than a week ago) that we really can't relate to your little problems. If you want to pay a small fortune for a poorly maintained room with low end bedding, a non functioning bath a completely non responsive staff, this is your spot! This hotel really pushes its Conde Nast top 100 status, but I can't find it on any of the lists on this site, what's up with that?

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