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felicia suzannes

Posted on: December 30, 2009 at 6:17PM

By Guest

I recently took time out to drive downtown with some friends for dining to try out Felicia Suzannes restaurant . What started out as a fun outing among friends quickly took a downturn when, upon entering the restaurant and taking seats at the bar, we were forced to witness a person (we were later told it was the owner felicia herself) yelling at a young black man (employee, we also found out later) . The words "stupid" and "dumb ass" were thrown out liberally by this woman. When we were finally seated ( there was no hostess, nor any stable bar tender, we were told they were understaffed (wonder why).. we waited for 15 minutes for service. While the restaurant itself looked immaculate, the food was mediocre for the prices.. we never saw the same person waiting on us at our table, and it called for confusing service. The atmosphere was extremely tense and uncomfortable. Felicia Suzannes? No thank you..and some advice take some anger management courses , or at least, don't yell in the middle of your restaurant..customers don't like it!

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