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Tokyo User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Tokyo.
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user review | Hotel: Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, Roppongi

Greatest view

I stayed at sweet at Ritz-Carlton. As you can imagine, prices is quite expensive, but experience was 5 starts. When I got room, there was hand writing thank you card from hotel, and...more

Children's Destinations in Tokyo

We'll be in Tokyo (Aoyama is our lodging spot,) for nearly 4 weeks, 27 June to 21 July.Children are G-11 and B-9.What things/sites/activities can readers suggest?Thanks,Rmore

August Holiday in Tokyo

Hey there, Is there anyone that can give me soem travel tip and ideas what the main tourist attractions is in Toky in August, me and my friend will be in Tokyo for one week and there is...more


If you have the time while in Tokyo, I strongly suggest you take an hour or so train ride outside of the city to Kamakura to see the giant Buddah. It is a stunning a peaceful site.   more

user review | Hotel: Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, Roppongi

Dismal Food

The Ritz Carlton shines amidst the prevaling sleaze of raunchy, vulgar Roppongi, in the so-called Midtown complex off on one side of the district, and its top floor lobby is small,...more

Amazing food in Tokyo

As a native New Yorker, I was surprised and impressed by the consistently good quality of the food at most any restaurant in Tokyo. I found myself in an upscale mall one day with...more

Secret to ATM Cash Withdrawals in Japan

Most Japanese or expats know that the Japanese bank's ATM machines are one of the few in the world that is not connected to the Star/Plus or any other "foreign" networks...more

Check the weather

Before going to Mt.Fuji, check the weather. If it is not clear, schedule for a day that is clear. The views are inspiring on a good day, disappointing when it's cloudy.   more

Travel Tip

Probably my best travel tip for those of us traveling outside the borders of our own country is to check on potential fees assessed by different credit card companies regarding how they...more

Kappabashi Shopping Center

This is a great place to visit if you are in the mood to take pieces of Tokyo with you for your kitchen, table, etc. Here you can find blocks and blocks of all sort of stuff for home,...more

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