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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Tokyo.
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user review | Shop: Prada, Aoyama-Omotesando

Prada Schmada

The Prada staff in Aoyama are happily totally friendly and unpretentious, and unlike some of the other shops nearby (the very self-conscious Commes des Garcons comes to mind), they...more

user review | Shop: Antiques Fairs, Tokyo


There is now minimal need to patronize any of Tokyo's invariably overpriced antique shops -- unless if it's simply to study up on what to buy -- because at these antique...more

August Holiday in Tokyo

Hey there, Is there anyone that can give me soem travel tip and ideas what the main tourist attractions is in Toky in August, me and my friend will be in Tokyo for one week and there is...more

Kappabashi Shopping Center

This is a great place to visit if you are in the mood to take pieces of Tokyo with you for your kitchen, table, etc. Here you can find blocks and blocks of all sort of stuff for home,...more

Maximize your time

While most Americans eat dinner around 6pm or 7pm, hold out with a snack and get by at least til 8pm. Most retail stores city-wide close at 8pm and the only thing left open are bars...more

stores at Tokyo airport

I am trying to locate a particular electric razor purchased at the TYO airport in 2000. Now I need another one and want to make sure the airport still sells them. I am looking for a...more


A general tip, Japan is well organized country. I take a small backpack with me that has enough room to carry one or two days clothes and limited amount of things needed to get ready....more

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