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Carnival, Trinidad

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Not a spectator 'sport' :)

Posted on: January 22, 2012 at 11:50AM

By Guest Toronto, Canada


Carnival is one of these activities where it is BEST enjoyed as a participant. It has evolved into something more than just playing mas. It is a time when friends, family, and strangers from every corner of the world, come together and enjoy a revelry like no other. The pulsating sounds of soca music instantly takes over your very soul. The beauty of seeing 10,000+ men and women, even children(on their special day), take to the streets all dressed up in their costumes having a good time, is something that has to be experienced, and experienced only as a masquerader. The costumes of the varying mas bands are exceptionally divine. Made to fit your body, these costumes are well worth their weight in gold, lol. *Shameless plug--contact us are Carnival Veterans and know how to show you an absolute fabulous time!*

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