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Osteria del Gambero, Perugia

The worst experience we encountered in Italy

Posted on: October 31, 2012 at 2:09PM

by Adriano
The restaurant itself is beautiful, however, the service and food does not match the restaurant. The first impression we found is that the waiter was not clean and had a very strong body odor, which makes dining very unpleasant. Then we found out that most of the main courses or pastas were not available and we entered the restaurant as the first customers. Once the food arrived, it was actually very good. We occupied several tables and ordered several bottles of wines. One table purchased a Bottle of Amarone and that table wanted a second bottle. The guest did not like the wine and gave me a taste. I told the waiter that the wine is turned and not good. The waiter then responded that there is nothing wrong with the wine and he will not replace the bottle with a new bottle, but wanted to charge the bad wine anyway, That type of approach I have never seen anywhere and I think ownership needs to eliminate that type service attitude. I bring large groups to Italy for several years now and I will never visit this restaurant again. Visit date was October 11, 2012