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The Sebastian, Vail

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Great Branding, Not-So-Great Service

Posted on: July 21, 2012 at 7:09PM

By Guest

We travel often for pleasure and this is our second summer vacation in Vail. Last year, we spent a week at the Four Seasons, but since they were full this year we decided to try the Sebastian. We love hip boutique hotels and had drinks at the Sebastian's Frost Bar so knew the hotel had a cool vibe. The logo, branding, and lobby decor were extremely polished. Unfortunately, that attention to detail did not extend to the customer service. Something happened every day that could have been solved not by exceptional customer service, but average customer service. The hotel ambience is great, but it is more appropriate for a single person or couple than a family. They have no changing stations in their lobby bathrooms, their gym hours are very limited (9 am to 7 pm) and they only serve breakfast from 7-11 am. The first day of our stay, we arrived at noon. Our room was not clean and was not ready until after 3, which is normal checkin time. The second day of our stay, I asked for our room to be cleaned between 11 and 12 since we had an 18 month old and we wanted it to be clean for her afternoon nap. I came back from Vail Village at 12:15 and the room was not clean. I called the hotel operator and she assured me she would send someone immediately. I took my baby to the pool for over an hour. When we came back--the room was still not clean. I called the operator again and she said she would send someone immediately. I left the hotel (for the third time) so our room could get cleaned. When I complained about it at the front desk, their only answer was that they could have someone empty the trash and full of diapers so my baby could take a nap. I went over to the Four Seasons to wait for housekeeping to finish and have a glass of wine. One of their staff came over and started chatting with me; when I mentioned I was waiting for my room to be cleaned (at another hotel, mind you); he gave my child a free lunch and drink on the house and personally found her some books to read. They saw an unhappy customer amd made them happy--even though it was not their problem. That was the only reason I was not infuriated when I went back to the Sebastian. The last day of our stay, we had a lunch appt in Boulder and needed to leave at 9:30. We called to get our car and luggage 20 minutes prior. It took 25 minutes as my husband going down to check for them to get our luggage. When we got to the lobby, it took an additional 10 minutes for them to get our car. We didn't leave the hotel until 10:15. We left feeling like the hotel was run by kids. They were definitely understaffed. That should not be the case for what we paid. We will not be staying here (or recommending it to others) again.

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