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Opus Bar, Vancouver

The bar is pretentious

Posted on: October 30, 2011 at 8:02AM

by chateau1974
We went there (my partner and I) about 11:00PM Oct 29, and were told by the doorstaff that they couldn't possibly let us it, for "safety reasons", unless 9 people (a number he clearly pulled from the air) left first. Then my partner and I stood there while group after group of people were let in because they "knew the owner". My partner and I scratched our heads at this because, looking through the windows, we could see that all of the tables inside were empty. ..... I'm telling everyone I know to stay away from this pretentious place, I'm 36 and not a rookie. I don't know who the particular doorman was tonight, but hopefully he'll learn that there is no job satisfaction in lying outright to the clientele.