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Venice User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Venice.
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Venice/The Lido

If you plan to visit Venice, consider staying on the Lido. Traveling around the area on the water taxis is so much fun and very exciting at times. Try to plan your trip when the moon...more

user review | Hotel: iQs, DD724, DD694, Venice


An excellent hotel. We stayed three days and apart from a few details (noisy clim) were completely charmed.   more

take the waterbus instead of a water taxi

It's much cheaper and you get to talk with more locals, who'll tell you to try the sidestreet shops for better prices and less souvenir-ish types of things to take home. The...more

Poetry in Motion

As you stroll the cobblestone streets of Venice, don't forget to approach a stranger and spout your authentic poem to him. This will open the way to a deeper discussion and perhaps...more

Flooding in Venise

Can anybody tell me if the water has receeded in Venise. I have a flight booked in 3 weeks to spend a week in Venise.   more

Tip for gondala ride

Take along a bottle of prossecco and two champagne flutes for your gondala ride, all the other passers-by will be extremely jealous!   more

user review | See + Do: Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice


The art at Peggy Guggenheim was wonderful--everything from Dali, Kandinsky, Pollock, Picasso--it was room after room of wonderful art--be sure to rent the headset, as it will tell you...more

user review | Hotel: Hotel Gritti Palace, Venice

Two Nights is Enough!!!

To be honest, I'm not sure why the Gritti is so revered. I was less than impressed by their service, even less impressed by the quality of the rooms (albeit their Bang &...more

Find everyone's luggage quickly

Tie matching bright colored ribbons on all the luggage of everyone traveling with you making it easy to spot your bags as they circle around the baggage carousel. Everyone travelling...more

Avoid the crowds at all costs

If you want to truly enjoy Venice, do all you can to avoid the crowds. Plan your visit off-season: Venice is fabulous in spring, autumn or even winter. Wake up early, grab a quick...more

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