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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Venice.
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Trains set by the moments stops in between ?

Not safe ideal for travels so closely set into per place to changethat train for another in minutes isn't sane ! There at minutes to do a move around by a car of train in changes...more

Day trip to Murano

When taking the water bus to the island of Murano, wait for the one that is non stop or you will be on the water bus forever. One of the locals told us wait for the next one and he was...more

Multiday ticket

If you are staying for more than 1 day look into buying a multiday ticket   more

Keep your "bus" ticket...

When you get on the boats that take you down the canal, make sure you have a ticket, either, one time use, or full day, and make sure after you use it, that you keep it. If an...more

Train from Florence

Take the train from Florence to Venice. You can't beat the view as you approach the city! Remember to reserve a seat when you buy your ticket or you might stand the whole way.   more

Gondola Rides in Venice

A visit to Venice is not complete without taking a gondola ride. These are my tips for getting trying to get a better deal and having a good experience.1) Try going further inside the...more

Want to Try a Gondola ride?

but want to avoid all the kitsch? want to experience how the locals use the gondolas? try a traghetto,,,and gondola where you stand as you cross like the locals. There is one that will...more

Rome to Venice

We are arriving in Rome in the morning and want to go straight to Venice to begin our vacation in Italy.What is the best way to go, plane or train?Is it difficult to get from the Rome...more

take the waterbus instead of a water taxi

It's much cheaper and you get to talk with more locals, who'll tell you to try the sidestreet shops for better prices and less souvenir-ish types of things to take home. The...more

Tip for gondala ride

Take along a bottle of prossecco and two champagne flutes for your gondala ride, all the other passers-by will be extremely jealous!   more

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