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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Venice.
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Eating out in Venice

Eating out in Venice can be really expensive and even if it's pricy it doesn't guarantee that the food will be good. Usually the cheaper but still good lunch places are not in...more

value- independent stay in Venice

Flying from a major European city such as Vienna, use the smaller discount airlines. Stay in a hotel with larger room and more reasonable price outside Venice but accessible by...more

take the waterbus instead of a water taxi

It's much cheaper and you get to talk with more locals, who'll tell you to try the sidestreet shops for better prices and less souvenir-ish types of things to take home. The...more

SAVE BIG ON VAPORETTI (Public boat transport in Venice)!

This is a secret that I doubt any tourist knows about when coming to Venice because you will never be told about this option at the boat ticket counter! I am from Boston but am...more

View the dueling orchestras.

When viewing the dueling orchestras in St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco), stop by the convenience shop as you walk to the square to pick up a coffee, glass of wine, etc . . ....more


It is smart to convert some cash into Euros before you get on the plane, because you will need euros to pay for transportation into Venice and the airport currencey exchange booths have...more

Converting Dollars to Euro's

We found is was much smarter to use American Express traveler checks and to cash them at the American Express Office for no fees. You can find an office in most cities. They do close...more

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