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Williamsburg Inn, Williamsburg

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Shocking and Detestable

Posted on: February 19, 2012 at 2:05AM

By Guest

The day my fiance proposed, on October 21st, 2011, he planned the entire weekend in advanced, with the utmost romantic details. This included spending the entire weekend as guests of the Providence Hall Guesthouses of the Williamsburg Inn. Well, our romance-filled bubble that had lasted all day long since the proposal at 10am, was quickly bursted by our experience at The Inn. Upon arrival at the guesthouses we noticed that the hallway was halfway through some renovations, but there was no sign of "sorry for the dust" etc. The room itself was the worst: 1. When I took off my shoes, I realized the carpet had not been vacuumed recently, there was small bits of trash. 2. The faucet leaked and water started spilling all over the bathroom counter. 3. The TV had 6 channels and all fuzzy, no clear signal. 4. The towel holder was broken. 5. There were other people's hair in the shower/tub. 6. One of the light fixtures on the ceiling above the bed was missing and wires were exposed and hanging down. 7. The king-sized bed had a total of 2 pillow. No shams, or extras for reclining against the bed. 8. The couch in the sitting area was old and the springs could be felt through the upholstery. 9. The TV was mounted noticeably crooked on the wall. 10. The entire room smelled stuffy and moldy. 11. The balcony had been overtaken by spiders and other bugs. Not pleasant to enjoy the view. The entire room and building felt neglected and falling apart. I understand it's not part of the main hotel building, but do they really not send someone over there to check out the condition of the Guest Houses? I mean, for that much money, it should be stellar and awe-inspiring. and worst of all: My fiance had previously written and called to request that something special be done as a surprise, such as strawberries and chocolate, or champagne, or cheese and wine, to celebrate our engagement. Well there was nothing. They had told him it would be done upon check-in, and he agreed to pay extra charges, and nothing at all. Such a disappointment. For all that we were paying $350 for the night. Not exactly the Days Inn. We complained about this in the morning, since that night we were exhausted after so much excitement, and they only took off half of the price. Even at $175, it was still outrageously appalling. I absolutely DO NOT RECOMMEND this for anyone, whether you are traveling alone, with family, in business, and certainly not if you are looking for a romantic get-away together. What's more, we were actually considering booking several suites for our family and ourselves on the weekend of our wedding in April 2013, and a room block for the rest of the wedding guests. After that night, there's no way we will every consider The Williamsburg Inn just so it can ruin our wedding. The next night we moved to the Marriott on Richmond Road where we told them of our engagement and got bumped to a suite on the top floor. Lesson learned: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THE WILLIAMSBURG INN.

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