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Paradisus Riviera Cancún, Puerto Morelos

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Very Disappointing Dream Vacation with Totally Rotten Service!!

Posted on: April 18, 2010 at 8:34PM

By Guest

Just got home from a week at the Paradisus in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I've never written a review before, but felt this necessary. Heard lots of complaints & grumbling from the minute I got to this beautiful resort & couldn’t help but think there were a lot of spoiled people staying here. From the looks of the place I couldn’t help wonder what they had to complain about! Within 30 minutes I was concerned everyone had valid complaints (all different). Within 4 hours, I was so angry; sad & disappointed my vacation was being ruined & the money I’d saved wasted along with my dreams of a relaxing week in paradise. As each day passed I had more reasons to be disappointed. Forget Royal Service–you don’t get anything special at all. You don’t even get towels, a clean room, food when you want/need it, drinks, chairs to sit in at the pools or beach. I came to think of it as “Rotten Service”. I would not consider the service adequate for a standard low-rate hotel let alone a resort that boasts great service & states they take pride in the service they provide. They should be ashamed of their service–there is no reason for them to take pride in it. My last full day/night there & the following day that I left, I did not even receive a clean towel. Thankfully I had a hand towel & a wash cloth that were not used previously–not enough to truly take care of my needs but I had to make do. A large bug I killed in the room my 1st day was still on the bathroom floor when I left a week later. The plate of fruit in my room on the 1st day turned bad very quickly–but sat there for the entire week. The bananas were black & the grapes had bugs crawling on them but they were never thrown out. I couldn’t toss them in the garbage myself because it was overflowing already as it had not been emptied since I got there. One day,I was excited to see the dirty towels off the bathroom floor when I got back to my room thinking it had finally been cleaned & hoping my sheets had now been changed, too–only to find that the dirty towels were just hung back up on the hooks behind my bathroom door! The disinfectant wipes I brought along for use outside my room were actually used to clean my bathroom for myself! The slippers left for my use in the room were dirty inside, clearly from someone else’s feet. Some of the bottles in my mini fridge had been previously opened, there were no snacks at all & the 2 small bottles of water didn’t last long & weren’t replaced. No one tells you only 2 restaurants are open for dinner each day or provides the schedule so you can plan accordingly. You think you’re going to eat at a different restaurant each night since they tell you they have several choices, but that doesn’t work out. You can’t get into ones that are open, because you couldn’t get a butler to reserve it for you the day before & they are full–only they are really only 1/3 occupied with lots of empty tables! Your butler is no where to be found after the initial introduction. Most times there were no bartenders at the outside bar areas (beach, pools, etc). You cannot get food anywhere but at the restaurants - if you can get a reservation or at the buffet when it's open (it is not always a convenient schedule depending on your other activities). If you do get lucky enough to get a pool cabana or beach palapa reserved-& there are not nearly enough available as there are guests who need them-you must claim it 1st thing in the am & don’t leave it to eat, go to the bathroom or hunt down a bartender or you will lose it. Met lots of people from many different places & many different lifestyles & expectations–not one of them were remotely satisfied with their stay. All in all–the service was horrible! I don’t recommend this resort to anyone–you will be disappointed too and no one deserves this kind of let down on vacation. Go to a different resort & enjoy yourself!

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