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Hechizo Tulum, Tulum

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Posted on: January 13, 2012 at 7:01PM

by jocelynslee
The best thing I have ever tasted could possibly be the white truffle fettuccine, handmade by the talented Chef Schober of Hechizo. I've had dozens of dishes peppered and even smothered with black and white truffles...but this dish was the right balance of savory truffle umami-ness and perfect al dente pasta. Amazing. I'm not even joking when I say that i dreamt about it that night after i inhaled the pasta...and have been Obsessed by it since! Honestly, Hechizo is one of those restaurants that you really don't want to share with anyone because you want to keep it off everyone else's radar. But I take consolation in the fact that it's not in NYC, LA or SF and I won't have to call 3 months in advance to snag a table. This little gem sits on the quiet end of Tulum and is right on the beach. You can access the restaurant from the beach (there're a few tables that are right outside the restaurant, facing the beach) or if you're coming from the main entrance, you get to walk by the lotus pond- very romantic. The restaurant is surprisingly big, but they're really good about not cramming too many tables into the space, so there's a lot of privacy and your neighbor isn't sniffing your truffle fettuccine (believe me, you won't want to share that. not even a whiff.) There's a private room for parties and bigger groups too. There's even a cute little bar on one end of the restaurant which serves yummy margaritas. Hechizo is 5-star dining at its best; white table cloth service, fine dining, great service and 2 world-class chefs who used to work at the Ritz Hotels around the world (Dubai, Singapore, Cancun etc.) before they decided to venture out on their own and build their little dream restaurant on the beach in Tulum. Oh, and did i mention that they met in the kitchens of the Ritz in S'pore, fell in love and got married? Too.Freaking.Cute. OK, back to the food. I also had the pepper escargots with toasted garlic bread and sauteed lobster tail with butter potato gnocchi in a red wine sauce. The ingredients were fresh and the dishes were delectable. And then i had the dessert made by Chef Hui. Molten Chocolate Cake (freshly baked) with Passion Fruit Coulis and Coconut Sorbet. *swoon* Yes, i've officially run out of words to describe their dishes here. I've eaten my way through amazing restaurants around the world. But Hechizo ranks as my top 5 experience, both for the food and the ambience. I highly recommend it...i just hope i don't regret throwing this out to the rest of the world and having to make a reservation 3 months in advance...