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Lady's First, Zurich

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Very disappointing

Posted on: November 24, 2008 at 2:19PM

By Guest

This hotel presents a bit of a conundrum, on one hand it presents itself as an upscale “design” hotel, whereas in other aspects it is a more modest ordinary hotel. Based on the description on their Web site I expected something very special, whereas what we experienced was something very mundane. It was not what I would describe as a “full service” hotel; other than breakfast there were no restaurant facilities and no reception desk support after about 10 PM. The entrance to the hotel and lobby itself is up about 5 steps from the street, however, there is a lift to accommodate a wheel chair and the elevator is a generous size; the public rooms (lobby and restaurant are on one accessible floor). Oddly the rooms can only be enter with great difficulty by wheel chair as there is a high step under the doors, so it is not really a handicap accessible hotel. The “suite” was really just a modest room. The bathroom was an opaque glass walled cubicle carved out of the pre-existing bedroom placed directly in the room. The bed was a double size and but was not of good quality or very comfortable. The room was on the first floor and overlooked a restaurant. There is no air-conditioning so it was necessary to sleep with the windows open. There are restaurants with tables outside, serving until 12:30 at night and on the weekends quite a lot of noise from traffic. It was difficult to sleep. The bedroom was adequate but not luxurious. The rooms are cheaply decorated, modern but not particularly new. The storage space was very limited, bordering on non-existent. The lighting was very poor. The work desk had no phone, (only on the bedside table), a single electrical socket under the desk at floor level, with no adapter; a computer, fan or desk light could be active only one at a time. The hotel did provided wireless Broadband access at no extra charge and the performance was good. The wooden floors were a distraction; it was very loud when the people above us were moving around. The general bedroom ambiance and particularly the creaky floors put me in mind of an upscale boarding house of 50 years ago. The bathroom was a small with very limited shelf space for toiletries. It contained a toilet, sink and tub with a shower option, but no bidet. The tub was an adequate length but narrow. Soap both for the sink and the tub/shower was from dispensers, which projects an image of a budget hotel or motel. The toiletries offered were very limited. The hotel also promotes towel reuse but provides minimal space to hang used towels, which are relatively small and thin. The bathroom was basically clean, (except for the glasses which were dirty and were never replaced). One note: with the opaque glass walls the light can be annoying if one uses the bathroom during the night. The breakfast was limited but tasty. It was particularly annoying was an additional charge of CHF6 for a 2dl glass of fresh orange juice; the other problem is that the breakfast room is so small that it can not handle all the weekend breakfast guests. We were forced to go outside to a restaurant and buy our breakfast because of this. At these prices quite an inconvenience and quite an extra expensive. The spa includes 2 sauna and 1 steam room with rest areas, for use exclusively by woman. But once again any wellness or beauty treatments are not included in the price, are quite expensive and offer no discount for hotel guests. The spa is also open to the public and thus quite busy, so not a very relaxing or quiet retreat. Really for these prices you can go to a first class hotel.

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