Seating Tool – Version 1 Features

Current Seating Tool Capabilities - July 2019

New Features


  • Login with your platform account credentials.
  • The tool will list all available events within your account (that you’ve toggled ‘seating’ on for).
  • Switch between other accounts and events that you have been shared with you.
  • See how many seating plans you have created within each event.
  • Create unlimited seating plans within a single event using custom name.
  • Automatically generate seating categories based on event’s groups, elements, or guest tags generated in your account. You can also choose to not pre-generate any and create categories yourself within the designer tool.
  • Choose whether to use a section based editor or not.
  • Seating plans can be deleted or duplicated.

Seating Plan Designer

  • A multi-featured, user friendly designer tool built specifically for seating plans.
  • Create chart from pre-designed charts
  • Allow users to save their own charts for future usage
  • Allow for tagging of saved charts
  • Start from a blank canvas, or upload a reference floor-plan to build on top of.
  • If using a floor plan, you can scale seat sizes and spacing between them so all seats will be according to scale.
  • Use sections (fixed or irregular shaped) to separate your seating plan into desired areas.
  • Use a background image instead of a floor plan.
  • Categorize and color code individual seats or tables.
  • Custom labeling for sections, tables and seats (and use automatic sequencing for individual seats).
  • Select one or more objects together to move them or change their attributes altogether.
  • Freely select many individual seats and/or tables to change their attributes.
  • Add seats individually, or as a cluster of rows.
  • Add tables, rectangular or circular, and define number of seats per table.
  • Define bookable booths with adjustable sizes.
  • Add text of any size and color to your design.
  • Draw various shapes with labels and icons, to represent relevant points of the venue.

Assigning Seats

  • All relevant event information is automatically populated from the platform (elements, guests, groups, RSVP status etc.).
  • All guests can be seated irrespective of their RSVP status.
  • Each seating plan can seat guests from multiple elements.
  • Seat assignment is associated with a guest and one element they have in their profile.
  • Can assign different seats to the same guests should they have multiple applicable elements.
  • Element selector upon creating a new seating chart (can select one or more elements at once, and search for them manually).
  • Selected elements automatically filter the available guest list to only show those that have elements selected.
  • Auto-saving after every user action taken (saving indicator present at all times).
  • RSVP status of each guest is denoted in guest list by means of a relevant icon next to their name.
  • Available seats are color coded according to category assigned to them, and category legend remain atop the layout for continuous reference.
  • Search for guests manually by name.
  • Filter guest list by Group, Elements, Host, Guest Tag, Contact Owner, Company or Category through a collapsable filter menu.
  • Quick toggles to clear filters, or switch between filtered/unfiltered view.
  • Assigned seats indicated by ‘tick’ icon.
  • Hover over assigned seats for more information about the guest.
  • Clear differentiation between assigned and unassigned guests (assigned guests containing seat information next to their name).
  • View only assigned or unassigned guests and highlight their seats within the rendered layout
  • Allow for easy selection of multiple tables, rows, sections and seats in the actual render of the design
  • Only show guests of selected seats in the guest list
  • Support assigning multiple seats to a single guest, up to their allocated quantity for the relevant element
  • Can only assign a seat to one guest at a time.
  • Easily unassign seats from the guest list.

Platform Changes

  • Toggle on seating per event during event creation (untoggled events will not be listed as available in the seating tool).
  • You can click to change an existing seat assignment, or click to Assign Seat for an unassigned element, and be taken directly to seating tool to do so.
  • Dedicated ‘Seating’ section to showcase all guests by and their assigned seats within selected elements

Bug Fixes

  • No bugs yet